UK November Lockdown: Oysta are ready to assist

We are ready and waiting to assist you as we go through the UK’s second Lockdown this month. We have: 

  • Plenty of devices in stock, in anticipation of peak demand
  • Process for despatch direct to organisations or individual homes
  • Covid19 secure, contactless processing
  • Immediate 24/7 support as soon as device turned on

As from Thursday 5th November, Oysta Technology’s service provision will continue as normal. We are here to enable the support and care of vulnerable communities.

Our telecare solutions are deployed quickly, easily and in-line with social distancing guidelines. Take it out of the box, turn it on and the VIP is immediately under the Oysta Cloak of Care; putting them at the centre of their multi-service care network.

If you are a statutory care provider, are responsible for the well-being of a vulnerable community or facilitate the ongoing care of vulnerable people after illness or a stay in hospital, our service and telecare solutions will be of benefit to your organisation. Please contact us today to start the conversation.

Supporting each other in the care of the vulnerable, we can ensure ongoing, quality care throughout this second Lockdown.

Reach us on 01295 530101.