Oysta Technology | Supporting the NHS to clear 15,000 hospital beds: A message from Oysta
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Supporting the NHS to clear 15,000 hospital beds: A message from Oysta

Supporting the NHS to clear 15,000 hospital beds: A message from Oysta

We can’t avoid the risk that we all face right now, particularly our most vulnerable. Hospitals have a mammoth task ahead of them, so we need to be thinking of ways that we can help lessen the load. Already, social distancing and self-isolation has been issued for us all in an attempt to curb the spread and stagger the effect of the Corona virus (COVID-19), in an attempt to improve the NHS’s ability to cope.

Oysta technology provide solutions to enable Vulnerable Independent People (VIP) not just to stay in their own homes for longer, but to return to their own homes quicker after a stay in hospital. Our personal devices and the 24/7, support & care service that we provide, reduce the duration of a hospital stay by a significant number of days, contributing hugely to the Government’s objectives to make 15,000 hospital beds available in the coming days.

For hospitals and other care providers, Oysta’s ‘Help at Home’ solution provides a powerful tool. In cases where those ready to be discharged are prevented from doing so as of no support at home, Oysta provide the reliable means to ensure that well-being and care is still provided even if the individual is living on their own. An extremely short supply chain, Oysta devices are dispatched from the Oysta office, directly to the VIP or to their local social care provider. There is no stock to store. A phone call and the pre-configured device is on its way. For the VIP, they simply take it out of the box, turn it on and they are connected to the 24/7 support of our team of professional and dedicated care team.

Furthermore, there is no physical social contact required when setting up an Oysta device. Keeping the vulnerable safe, an Oysta device is digital. This means that there is no need for an engineer to visit the home to lay or connect any type of wiring.

Providing as much additional help and support that we can during this testing time, speak to us now for more information on our Help at Home solutions: info@oystatechnology.co.uk / 01295 530101