Oysta Technology | Supporting our vulnerable: How we are helping you during this time.
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Supporting our vulnerable: How we are helping you during this time.

Supporting our vulnerable: How we are helping you during this time.

A message of support from Oysta during the Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak

Affecting all of our lives, the current Corona virus (COVID-19) is presenting a worrying time for all, particularly for our most vulnerable. With vulnerable and elderly people self-isolating on their own, we are hearing from many people looking to source a way to ensure that their at-risk loved ones are constantly watched over and can call for assistance should they feel unwell.

Our primary focus at Oysta Technology is to care for our most vulnerable, as well as supporting their carers and families. This never changes. However, this current situation calls for additional support where and when we can provide it. As such, we are making some positive changes that will be rolled out over the coming days and weeks.

Our first set of alterations to our service to help our VIPs to get the support they need, fast, are as follows:  

  • To reduce the rick of our Vulnerable Independent People (VIP) contracting the virus through social contact, we will be enabling our assessment team to carry out remote assessments. This will keep our VIPs and are team much safer.
  • Our Oysta solutions will be all set up in-house and dispatched directly to the VIP. All they have to do is get it out of the box and turn it on to be immediately part of our 24/7 care and assistance.  As a further support service, a member of our Oysta team will call the VIP via their new Oysta devise to say hello and to talk them through how to use it.

As we navigate our way through this situation, we will be constantly assessing our service and the needs of our VIPs and their carers and families. As a result, we will be tweaking our offering to ensure that we are giving the very best care that we can to our vulnerable service users. We will publish these changes over our social media channels and on our website, so please share where you can, to spread the word.

In the meantime, please stay safe and look after each other.