Recognition for joint Oysta Technology & Vodaphone Businesses innovation

The initiative “No más fugas” of Generali insurance company has been recognised by leading Spanish economy magazine “Actualidad Económica” as one of the “100 Best Ideas of the Year” in the Digital’s Transformation category in 2020.

Jointly designed by Oysta Technology and Vodafone Business, this innovative IoT system has been created to protect businesses and prevent damage in the event of unexpected water flow.

Alerting management and protecting premises, the No mas fugas solution utilises innovative technology to detect leakage –anything from a break of pipeline, obstruction in the drain, through to a tap left running – can be quickly detected and rectified to minimise damage and lost business.

Including a series of sensitive humidity sensors, the solution can detect the presence of any water, triggering the closure of the water value that it is monitoring. Raising the alarm with the control centre, an operator will contact the client to manage the alarm.

When the alert is resolved and the client requires it, the client, or the control centre (remotely) will be able to reopen the valve through the control unit.

Raimon Santamaria, Managing Director for Oysta Technology’s Spanish division, comments:

“This was an exciting project to work on and one that I feel effectively demonstrates the innovation that we are able to achieve with the technology that we develop. Developing our technology to prevent crisis is a core Oysta value, so to be able to develop a solution that proactively averts long-term damage and loss of business is something that we are proud of. To be recognised as one of the Best Ideas for 2020 by “Actualidad Económica” is the icing on the cake.”


The solution in action....