Reassurance from Oysta following Alzheimer’s Society survey

The largest ever survey by the Alzheimer’s Society was published last week  and the results were very sad to read. Lockdown has been hard for everyone, but particularly for our most vulnerable. With over 96,000 people with dementia living alone with the condition in the UK, the survey highlights the damage to health and mental well-being that lockdown has had on people within this group.

As we await the new government advice around the further easing of restrictions for shielding individuals at the end of the month, Oysta feel the need to highlight the fact that if you are a vulnerable person now struggling and feeling scared of what lies ahead, the help and support hasn’t stopped, even though some of the restrictions have. Providing reassurance and boosting confidence, mobile telecare technology is more than just access to help in times of health crisis. Telecare is a lifeline for anyone that wants to live an independent life, but is held back by their fear of ‘what might happen’ should they venture out alone and feel unwell, have a fall, become disorientated, or feel over-whelmed by a situation . A digital telecare solution is your reassurance that someone is there with you, wherever you are, 24/7 to help you should you need it.

At Oysta we have worked hard throughout the last few months to provide care for hundreds of Vulnerable Independent People (VIP) across the country as we entered lockdown. Now, we are working equally as hard to get people back on their feet and back out into the new normal with confidence. We will always be here to contribute to the care and support that we as a country can offer to our most vulnerable. We promise you that you will never be on your own.

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