The Oysta Pearl

the original and popular Pearl solution from Oysta Technology


The Oysta Pearl

The Oysta Pearl is the original and popular Pearl solution from Oysta Technology. Providing Vulnerable Independent People (or VIPs) with a lifeline to enable them to live an independent life more confidently, the Pearl combines flexible digital telecare technology with GPS location functionality.

Carers and family members can have greater involvement in the care of their loved ones, alongside 24/7 are monitoring, the Oysta Pearl keeps the entire care network connected to provide the very best support.

What does the Oysta Pearl solution look like?

Small compact and easy to handle, the Oysta Pearl is device that fits nicely in the hand. Worn as a pendant around the neck, clipped to a belt or put in the pocket, the Oysta Pearl has a screen showing clear easy to read prompts and large easy to press buttons. Clearly labelled to allow the VIP to intuitively know which button does what, the Oysta Pearl is the most popular mobile telecare solution in the UK.

The Oysta Pearl has a range of key features that provide a host of benefits to the solution user.

Oysta Pearl Key Features:

  • Two-way voice communication
    The Oysta Pearl features an easily recognisable and easy to use SOS button. In times of distress, help can be accessed immediately. Once the button is pressed the Oysta Pearl will send the VIP’s location to a chosen contact or to the monitoring centre.
  • One Touch SOS Button
    Putting the VIP in touch with a friendly voice, the Oysta Pearl allows clear two-way voice communication via the loudspeaker.
    Reminder Messages
  • Reminder Messages
    Simple messages can be pre-set on the Oysta Pearl, helping wearers to remember important medical or social tasks, making it a useful tool for independent daily living.
  • Status Alerts
    The Oysta Pearl will alert the VIP and their care network as to the status of the device. Showing when it is on or off, charged or in need of charging and battery levels. It lets care providers to see when the device is moving or not moving – indicating if the VIP is at home or out and about.
  • Location Updates
    The Oysta service allows regular location updates with no intervention by the service user.
  • Safety Zones
    The Oysta Pearl gives VIPs and their care network the ability to create Safe Zones to monitor movement in and out of areas at certain times of the day and night. When leaving a safe zone, the Oysta Pearl will send an alert to notify the VIPs care network.
  • Fall Sensor
    The Oysta Pearl has a built in 3-axis accelerometer to sense falls. Upon activation, the device will send out alert information and open an audio call.
  • Reliability
    The Oysta Pearl is a digital telecare solution. Being digital means that it is not reliant on a Wi-Fi or telephone connection as with many other traditional telecare solutions. There will never be a location where the Oysta cloak of care cannot reach and assist them.

The power of IntelliCare:

Connected to Oysta’s powerful IntelliCare platform the Oysta Pearl solution, as with all of Oysta’s other telecare solutions, benefits from the holistic care provision that IntelliCare provides. Linking with all of the care technology within the home (be that Oysta solutions or any other brand) IntelliCare collects and collates real-time data to provide live information on the well-being of the VIP. Noting usual movements and routines, then alerting care teams to any deviation in normal activity, thanks to IntelliCare, Oysta Technology can spot and deal with potential health problems before they become a crisis.

How long does it take to set up the Oysta Pearl?

The Oysta On Hand is ready to use as soon as it is out of the box. Turn it on, then wait for instructions to appear on the screen. A member of the 24/7 care team will call on the device, to confirm your details.