The Oysta Pearl II

Oysta Pearl II helps to support confidence for freer, happier lives


The Oysta Pearl II

Enabling person-centred care at home and in the community, the Oysta Pearl II allows early intervention, preventative care and self-care for those still living independently.

Combining the power and flexibility of the latest GPS, WiFi mapping and location technology with the simplicity of the Oysta Pearl, the Oysta Pearl II solution provides safer independence for vulnerable independent people (VIPs) of any age. Giving reassurance that help is always at hand, the Oysta Pearl II helps to support confidence for more independent, happier lives.

What does the Oysta Pearl II solution look like?

The Oysta Pearl II is an easy to handle handheld device, that can be worn around the neck, or clipped to a belt. Incredibly simple to use, the Oysta Pearl II has been designed in conjunction with the feedback we receive from our VIP’s.

Compact but easy to hold, the Oysta Pearl II has a large clear screen, with three large buttons that are easy to see and easy to use. When help is needed, simply press the alert button. In the case of a fall, an alert will automatically be made, and the VIP will be greeted with a friendly two-way voice on loudspeaker.

Oysta Pearl II Key Features:

  • One Touch SOS Button
    If you are in distress or just need peace of mind, press the support button to get help.
  • Fall Sensor
    The Oysta Pearl II device has a built-in 3-axis accelerometer to sense falls. Upon activation, the device will send out alert information and open an audio call.
  • Safety Zones
    Simply create safe zones to monitor movements in and out of areas at certain times of the day or night. When leaving a ‘safe zone’ an alert will be sent to the care network.
  • Status Alerts
    Know when the device is switched on/off, charging/ battery-levels, moving or not-moving.
  • Location Updates
    The Oysta service allows regular location updates with no intervention of the VIP, if any help is required the care network is notified with the location information for the best emergency response.
  • Reminder Messages
    Simple messages can be pre-set to send to the Oysta Pearl II, helping the VIP to remember important tasks and making it a useful tool to help manage daily living.

How does the Oysta Pearl II technology work?

Unlike  traditional telecare solutions that are limited to the VIP’s proximity to their home, the Oysta Pearl II is a digital solution. This means that whether out at the shops, on holiday, or just pottering around the garden, Oysta’s Pearl II will  provide support and assistance should it be required.

The power of IntelliCare

Connected to Oysta’s powerful IntelliCare platform the Oysta Pearl II solution, as with all of Oysta’s other telecare solutions, benefits from the holistic care provision that IntelliCare provides. Linking with all of the care technology within the home (be that Oysta solutions or any other brand) IntelliCare collects and collates real-time data to provide live information on the well-being of the VIP. Noting usual movements and routines, then alerting care teams to any deviation in normal activity, thanks to IntelliCare, Oysta Technology can spot and deal with potential health problems before they become a crisis.

How long does it take to set up the Oysta Pearl II?

The Oysta Pearl II is ready to use as soon as it is out of the box. Turn it on, then wait for a member of the 24/7 care team to confirm your details. After a quick hello, you are up and running. It is as simple as that!