The Oysta on Hand

the latest in mobile telecare safety


The Oysta on Hand

The Oysta on Hand offers the latest in mobile telecare safety. With a range of features, sophisticated tracking and reliable communication capabilities, the Oysta on Hand significantly enhances safer independence.

The perfect solution for people wishing for an alternative to the out-dated button and box type of solution, the Oysta on Hand combines a digital watch with the latest telecare technology.

What does the Oysta on Hand solution look like?

Worn on the wrist and able to tell the time and show the day and date, the modern design does not give away its primary use and is often preferred by those not wanting the stigma of having a personal alarm.

Working like a mobile phone, the Oysta on Hand features a speaker and a microphone to allow two-way communication. Utilising GPS technology, it also provides accurate location data, so where-ever the VIP is, safety is always on hand.

Oysta on Hand Key Features:

  • Watch design
    The modern watch design of the Oysta on Hand gives VIP’s a discreet telecare device that can be worn and used just like any other watch.
  • Two-way voice communication
    A loudspeaker enables the VIP to communicate with a real person in times of vulnerability. This provides greater reassurance and a more personal level of care.
  • One Touch SOS Button
    For times of distress, or in cases where a bit of extra support is needed, the Oysta on Hand features an easily operated one-touch SOS button. One push of the button will contact a predefined number and will send a message with location information.
  • Safety Zones
    To support safer independence and monitoring of well-being, the web interface, IntelliCare, has the functionality to let the user or their carer to set Safe Zones. Oysta on Hand alerts if the VIP leaves a Safe Zone, or if they are not in a zone at a time.
  • Reminder Messages
    Simple messages can be set to send to the Oysta on Hand, for example to remind the VIP to remember important tasks, to take medicines or appointments. A useful tool, the Reminder Messaging function on Oysta on Hand enables more support for independent daily living.
  • Status Alerts
    For managing devices, using the IntelliCare interface you can check when the device is switched on/off, charging/ battery-levels, moving or not-moving.
  • Location Updates
    The Oysta service allows regular location updates with no intervention of the VIP, if any help is required the care network is notified with the location information for the best emergency response

The power of IntelliCare:

Connected to Oysta’s powerful IntelliCare platform the Oysta on Hand solution, as with all of Oysta’s other telecare solutions, benefits from the holistic care that IntelliCare provides. Linking with a wide range of care technology (Oysta or any other brand) IntelliCare collects and collates real-time data to provide live information on the well-being of the VIP. Noting usual movements and routines, then alerting care teams to any deviation in normal activity, thanks to IntelliCare, Oysta Technology can spot and deal with potential health problems before they become a crisis.

How long does it take to set up the Oysta on Hand?

The Oysta On Hand is ready to use as soon as it is out of the box. Turn it on, then wait for instructions to appear on the screen. A member of the 24/7 care team will call on the device, to confirm your details.