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Connecting People With Care & Assistance Since 2008

Oysta services save lives. Every day, thousands of people rely on Oysta to protect their vulnerable loved ones.

The Oysta telecare service provides safer independence for Vulnerable Independent People (VIP) of any age everywhere, not just in the home. As Oysta’s telecare solutions are mobile, this means that the VIP receives the Oysta ‘cloak of care’ wherever they may be.

Helping VIPs to live active lives, Oysa solutions provide reassurance for users and peace of mind for families and carers.

What makes Oysta different

Unlike other care solutions, Oysta provide a service that is not reliant on an individual’s proximity to a central control box, usually located within the home. Powerful and mobile, an Oysta solution takes care of vulnerable independent living people wherever they are within the home, the garden or the community. A vulnerable person is never alone when they have an Oysta.

The Oysta Service

Providing a range of services to deliver a safer environment, Oysta technology promotes a more independent lifestyle.

Offering a selection of easy to use mobile devices that work in conjunction with a full range of senor alarms for in and around the home, Oysta provide a number of service packages to choose from.

How it works

If your service is connected to a telecare monitoring centre, at any time of day or night our highly skilled Call Advisors will be alerted if any of the following activations occur:

  • The SOS button is pressed
  • A Safety Zone is breached
  • A Fall-Sensor Alarm is triggered
  • A Medical Reminder is missed

For any of these scenarios, the way that the technology works is the same. Our 5 point procedure for dealing with any alert triggered by a VIP is fast, proven and trusted.

  1. Mobile Telecare sensor raises alert
  2. Transmists location & alert information
  3. Telecare Monitoring Centre receives alert
  4. Trained operator decides the most appropriate course of action
  5. Response from carer, family member or emergency services

Flexibility & choice

Telecare is accessed through simple specialist mobile devices with alerts managed through Oysta’s software platform to a telecare monitoring centre (Oysta is pre-integrated with main control centre software) or made available to family responders.

As part of the package, both you and your carers have a choice of devices and a whole suite of support services. Your chosen device will come with an emergency button that connects straight to a telecare advisor or family responder where help is immediately on hand. Built-in GPS technology can help the telecare advisors or family responders identify where the user is, even if the user doesn’t know themselves.

Plus, our unique ‘fall detector’ will send automatic alerts to your chosen telecare advisor or family responder who can then contact you to ensure all is well, or take action if there is a problem.

Low Cost

Easy to set-up with no need for a hub or phone lines.

It’s Mobile

Providing safety inside and outside of the home.

Quality of Life

Improving levels of physical activity and social inclusion.

Connected Care

Connecting families and carers involved in care and support

Safer Patient Discharge

Reduce Delays in Transfers of Care (DToC) and readmissions.

Measured Savings

Typically £1000s a week for each user.

The Benefits of 24/7 Monitoring, Response & Assistance

Renowned for quality of service and quality of care, Oysta combine a selection of easy to use devices, with the most innovative mobile technology.

Complimenting all of that with an exceptional support service provided by real people, a friendly voice is always on hand. As well as providing a rapid response to an SOS alert triggered by the service user via their Oysta device, the inclusion of autonomous sensors within the Oysta devices enable the live support team to support, notify and manage the situation. Example scenarios include:

  • An alert due to the VIP leaving the ‘safe home area’
  • An alert should the VIP fail to get in or out of bed around the usual times
  • An alert should Oysta technology detect a suspected fall

Keeping people in their own homes for longer

Oysta’s objective is to provide a cloak of care for vulnerable people living independently in their homes. Vulnerability covers many scenarios: illness, recovery, long-term health conditions or old age. It may simply be because a person is living on their own without the support of live-in care or companionship. Providing a 24/7 monitoring and assistance service to vulnerable independent people (VIP) via a variety of user-friendly solutions, Oysta enable many people to remain in their own homes for longer.

Real-life examples

Oysta Mobile enables person-centred care at home and in the community supporting early intervention, preventative care, enabling self-care, and protecting the elderly and those with conditions that make them vulnerable. The scenarios are endless. Here are a few real-life examples – in their own words.

Marie is 67 with dementia but wants to remain independent. Supported living staff were reluctant to let Marie visit town alone making Marie very unhappy. But now Oysta provides staff with the ability to locate Marie at all times. Marie has retained her independence and can safely venture out alone.

Jane is 16 with epilepsy and a mild learning disability. Her parents are full of praise: “Oysta has proved invaluable. Just knowing it is around her neck is a real safeguard for us.” Having Oysta has also saved them money. Their care package can be reduced from two carers to just one.

Virginio is 76 and has always been active, but he is becoming frail. Traditional telecare can not provide the level of freedom he needs. Oysta has changed all this: “I have my Oysta with me every day. To be honest I don’t even know it’s there. It gives me total peace of mind”.

Peter is 18 with Down’s Syndrome but wanted to live alone. His parents were keen to support him but only if it were totally safe. Oysta was the answer. When given his device, Peter declared it was “better than Christmas” and has named it “funking supa-dupa”.

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