Lone Worker Protection

Ensuring that lone staff are protected


Safety Made Simple

Providing the best safety solutions to protect the welfare of your employees, Oysta’s lone worker protection solutions improve staff productivity, whilst supporting your responsibilities as an employer.

Protecting people from all roles who are working alone or out of sight of colleagues, Oysta’s lone worker protection technology combines powerful GPS GSM, GPS and innovative indoor tracking technologies with a range of alerts & checks.

All wrapped up in a selection of easy to use devices, Oysta lone worker solutions ensure safety and the fast provision of assistance when required. With Oysta you’ll be providing your lone workers with market leading protection, which in turn gives you peace of mind

Reasons why people are choosing Oysta’s Lone Worker protection solutions

Ruggedised Devices

Our Ranger+ handsets are powerful, ruggedized, safety smartphones. They run on an Android Operating System and are perfect for utilising our “MyTraq” application.

Location Pinpoint

In an emergency it’s crucial to find an employees location. Oysta use a variety of technologies; GSM, GPS and innovative indoor tracking via Bluetooth iBeacons.

Discreet Devices

A choice of simple one-touch devices, multi-function programmable devices and discreet accessories (i.e. ID badge holder) for individuals facing violence or aggression.

24/7 Monitoring

Our choice of monitoring partner provides 24/7 protection via BS8484-compliant Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), manned by operators, specifically trained to deal with high-risk situations.

Proof of Presence

Ensure compliance with job tasks and staff productivity by introducing proof-of-presence monitoring. Used extensively within the security and service sectors and benefits applicable across many industries.

International Travellers

Through our partners, Oysta is able to offer global emergency response to your staff travelling overseas. Should an incident occur, our partner offers crisis management and track & trace, through to medevac and repatriation.


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Ruggedised Handsets

The Ranger+ Powerful IP68 ruggedised safety smartphones, The Ranger + includes GSM, GPS and Wi-Fi technologies.

Running on an Android OS The Ranger+ is perfect for utilising the Oysta “MyTraQ” application, which supports both indoor tracking (using Bluetooth iBeacon), outdoor tracking (using GPS) and Proof Of Presence management (NFC tags).

Who needs a ruggedised device?

  • Security Guards
  • Technicians and Engineers
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Construction sites
  • Oil, Gas and mining workers

Discreet Devices

Designed for personal safety and security, the Oysta Pearl+ mobile is a GPS location device.

Key features:

  • A One-Touch SOS button will swiftly alert your chosen control room or emergency contact to get help.
  • Welfare Check functionality messages the user at designated, timely intervals. If no response is received, your chosen control room or emergency contact will be alerted to get help.
  • The Amber Alert timer on your Oysta Pearl+ can be pre-set when going into a potential conflict area. An alert will be sent to your chosen control room or emergency contact if the amber alert is not cancelled.

Indoor & Outdoor Monitoring

Oysta’s MyTraq application  easily connects third party mobile phones with integrated GPS to the Oysta platform. Using advanced Bluetooth iBeacon (low energy proximity sensing) technologies to determine a device’s physical presence indoors, when the device moves outdoors it will pick up satellite signals to use GPS technology to plot movements. Ideal for large sites such as:

  • Production facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Construction sites
  • Energy plants

MyTraq also supports proof-of-presence management using NFC tags.  

See how Oysta Lone Worker Protection works

We know every business is different, therefore Oysta provide bespoke managed services to fit the specific needs of your organisation. Oysta will carry out an assessment and create a personalised lone worker plan, to ensure your employees have the best lone worker support available. Watch our video to find out how the Oysta Lone Worker service works.

The Benefits of Oysta Lone Worker Protection solutions


Having the proper processes in place to report incidents and safeguard against dangers could help to boost your organisation as an employer of choice.


Avoid the financial penalties linked with not fulfilling duty of care for your lone workers. Keep your workforce safe and your processes compliant.

Cost Reduction

Repeated incidents and poor safeguards will lead to reduced staff morale, absenteeism, lost productivity, higher staff turnover and recruitment challenges.

User friendly

Utilising cutting-edge technology within simple, user-friendly devices means that the adoption of an Oysta solution is quick. This enables your organisation to start tracking & protecting lone workers within no time.

How Oysta supports your lone workers

Monitoring inside complex environments

For organisations that have staff working across large, complex or multiple sites, Oysta’s MyTraQ could be the solution best suited to you.

Utilising advanced Bluetooth iBeacons technologies, MyTraQ determines a device’s physical presence indoors. Using GPS to plot movements, MyTraq also supports the integration of CAD drawings to overlay your building structures to provide accurate indoor positioning.

High risk environments

When your lone workers operate in high-risk or hazardous situations, it is essential that additional monitoring is put in place. Our service allows:

  • Welfare check while working in vulnerable/hazardous conditions
  • Detecting and reporting falls or “man-down” incidents
  • Raising the alarm if injured or immobilized
  • Raising the alarm if threatened or attacked
  • Checking on the location and safety of colleagues
  • Used as part of a wider emergency response service

BS8484 Compliant

BS8484 is a lone worker devices and services standard. It provides a definitive benchmark that enables employers to assess providers using an acknowledged industry standard.

Significantly, BS8484 has already been adopted by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) meaning that only solutions complying with BS8484 and the associated ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) standard; BS5979 CATII, will be permitted to receive an immediate police response to lone worker alarms from a local constabulary.

See who’s benefitting from Oysta lone worker protection