Asset Monitoring

Keeping track of valuable assets


Asset Monitoring

Providing the very latest monitoring and tracking technology to organisations throughout the UK and Europe, Oysta enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to keep their assets safe and accounted for.

Connecting teams with their vehicles, equipment and their people in real-time via their user-friendly website application, Oysta provide management teams with the alerts and the information they need to ensure 24/7 safety and accountability.

Mileage Reporting

No need to submit time-consuming expense claims. Simple mileage reports provide an accurate picture of distances travelled, saving you time.

Safety Zones

Get instant reports and alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a designated area. These can be used to secure your vehicles and assets or to help manage productivity and compliance.

View All Assets on a Map

Revolutionise the way in which you schedule jobs and tasks to your employees. Viewing all assets in one place means you can respond quicker to your customers.

Nationwide Installers

We’ve partnered with a professional team of national installers so that you don’t need to return all vehicles to the same location and we can support multi-site operations.

Route History

All data is stored securely on our cloud service. Route history reports are available at the click of a button, providing you with accurate details for compliance.

Emergency SOS

Oysta have a range of accessories that can be integrated into our systems. One of these is the emergency SOS button. These can be installed covertly so that a discreet alarm can be raised should there be an emergency.

Oysta’s Asset Monitoring technology:

When it comes to asset tracking, Oysta Technology understand what is required. Developing the technology to ensure that relevant actions, locations and operational activities are monitored, Oysta’s asset monitoring solutions include:

  • Safety zones: up to 4 zones (both in and out)
  • Speed sensor: sends alert if exceeds threshold
  • Non-movement sensor: saves battery and sends alert if moved
  • Power status: sends alert if switched on/off or battery low
  • Park & track: automatically creates a safety zone with a single button-press

Case Study: Prosegur

In the event of an accident, emergency, leaving a safe-zone or if the car being monitored is started without permission; an alarm is triggered. One of the largest security companies worldwide, Prosegur uses Oysta Asset Monitoring technology to track, secure and return their clients vehicles. Click on the video to see the technology in action.

Securing your vehicles

Securing vehicles in high risk areas in the UK and abroad, Oysta’s innovative monitoring technology enables teams to instantly know the whereabouts of each vehicle in the fleet.  Via the Oysta website and application, vehicles can be located and alerts received in the event of unexpected actions or a vehicle entering / leaving a Safety Zone.

Monitoring your assets

Theft and misuse of plant equipment causes heavy financial losses. Oysta provides a complete overview of plant equipment locations and notifications when equipment is used out of hours or breach a Safety Zone area.

Lone worker safety

It’s not just vehicles that need securing. Employees need to remain safe and should have the ability to raise an alert if necessary, through a lone worker system or through an integrated Emergency SOS in vehicle. Please click here for more information on Oysta’s Lone Worker solutions.

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