Oysta Technology | What We Do
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What We Do

How can we help? Do you want to. . .

See how flexible the Oysta solution is; in just a few minutes

Click the image opposite to launch a short video that will demonstrate some of the flexibility of the Oysta service.

Whether you are providing safer independence to vulnerable people, protecting lone workers or monitoring vehicles and assets; with Oysta it’s easy.

Everything is driven through our versatile platform where you configure the service to meet your specific needs.

Do you have your own monitoring centre?

Whether you use your own or someone else’s. Great news! Oysta has pre-integrated with a number of control room software platforms, meaning your staff can manage alarms through existing systems, saving you time and money. Pre-integration includes; Jontek , Verklizan , Tunstall PNC, SentinelPlus, MASterMind and Bold Manitou.

If you don’t use a monitoring centre, we have solutions for you too. Oysta can source one for you or you can self-monitor using our own alarm panel to set up alerts and guardians – visible via smartphone, tablet and PC – it’s that easy!

See who’s benefitting from Oysta

You’re in safe hands with our fully managed service

Advice and Guidance

It starts with learning more about you and your needs as an individual or an organisation; the roles you undertake, daily patterns of behaviour and the risks you may face.

Technology Selection

We manage a range of gadgets and gizmos from apps to watches, and from ruggedized devices to discreet sensors – all managed through the Oysta platform, meaning they all operate in the way you want them to.


We will work with you to mobilise the service. Everything is configured over-the-air so there is no need bring all devices back for reprogramming and if changes need to be made, they are done in an instant!


It’s easy to get started with Oysta using our guides as most services are ready to use out of the box. If you’re responsible for deploying Oysta we can work with you, making sure you are fully equipped to train end-users.


In the event of an emergency you need to be sure that an alarm call is going to be responded to. Oysta offer a number of monitoring options; pre-integration with existing software, self-monitoring or we can source 24/7 monitoring for you.

Customer Service

Our customer service team love working with our customers to make sure you get the best out of the service. Our team are involved at most stages of the customer lifecycle and help is just a phone call away.