Introducing the Oysta Lite! The latest addition to the Oysta range of telecare solutions

Expanding our range of innovative digital solutions, Oysta Technology are pleased to introduce the new Oysta Lite.

Launched at a time where the care and safety for our most vulnerable is so vital, Oysta have fast-forwarded the availability of the Oysta Lite in the hope that it may enable thousands of Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) and their families, to have confidence in their return to a ‘new normal’ way of life.

The Oysta Lite connects to Oysta’s IntelliCare platform for battery and connection monitoring, location and activity reporting, and remote device management to enable early intervention, prevention, and self-care for the VIP, the IntelliCare platform is the brains behind the beauty of the Oysta Lite device.

Its discrete appearance and user-friendly design encourage use, and it can be attached to a keyring so it is never forgotten. Secure and reliable, the Oysta Lite includes sophisticated location finding functionality. Providing increased confidence for the VIP and peace of mind for their carers, the Oysta Lite’s one-touch SOS button is a fast and no-fuss way to get assistance whenever, or wherever it is needed. Supported with 2-way voice communication via a clear, loud-speaker, the VIP is in 24/7 contact with a telecare service provider who can reassure or co-ordinate the relevant help.

Key features include:
• One-touch SOS Button:
• Safety Zones
• Status Alerts
• Location Updates
• Voice
• Easy Charging
• Secure Data and Connection

For further information on the Oysta Lite, please click here.  Alternatively, please email (hyper link) or call us directly on +44 (0) 1295 530101, we will be very happy to answer any questions that you may have.