Care & Monitoring Technology

Technology that keeps you safe. Anywhere.

Mobile Telecare Services

Comprehensive 24 hour support for vulnerable people.

Our Mobile Telecare Services enable thousands of vulnerable people to live safely and independently in their homes and communities.

Lone Worker Protection

Reliable, cost-effective protection of your employees.

Our Lone Worker Protection solution is used in some of the most demanding working environments in the world.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Simple, secure protection of your valuable assets.

Our Vehicle and Asset Tracking solutions ensure your valuable property is secure.

Technology that keeps you safe. Anywhere.

Leading the way in the provision of powerful care and support solutions for use at home and in business, Oysta Technology are renowned for their ability to combine cutting-edge technology within user-friendly devices.

Holding quality, reliability and innovation at its heart, Oysta provide care technology that is specifically designed to ensure the safety and well-being of the vulnerable within their homes, or out in the field of work.

Bringing the care network together, Oysta technology is tried, trusted and relied upon by families and organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

Lives Protected
Countries Deployed
Events Monitored
Assets Tracked


Technological Innovations

  • Feelings of fear, apprehension and anxiety are to be expected as those who have been protected for so long, plan to join the outside world again. Providing digital telecare solutions to the NHS and social care providers to help support hundreds of vulnerable independent people (VIP) during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Oysta Technology can show the benefits of telecare technology now that the situation is changing....

  • The largest ever survey by the Alzheimer’s Society was published last week  and the results were very sad to read. Lockdown has been hard for everyone, but particularly for our most vulnerable....

  • As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic the challenges of providing support and assistance at a distance continue to add pressure onto the UK’s social care sector. Caring for the most vulnerable in society has always been a priority, yet now in the midst of a pandemic, being able to communicate with and coordinate assistance for this group when they need it, is crucial....

Providing powerful care and support solutions for use at home and in business

Future-Proof Technology

Streaks ahead from other monitoring and care technology solution providers, Oysta Technology have evolved their offering to suit the digital world.

Compatible for use now and after analogue telephone services have been switched off, Oysta solutions are built for reliable and seamless service provision.

Supporting Independence

A mobile solution that isn’t inhibited by the devices proximity to a control box, a monitoring and care solution from Oysta will track activity no matter where the user is.

Giving users the freedom to live their lives or carry out their job with the reassurance that help is at hand should they need it, an Oysta solution supports confidence and independence.

Excellent Service Delivery

Ready to work out-of-the-box, the combination of innovative mobile technology, specifically designed devices and a powerful software platform is all complemented by the service and support offered by the Osyta team providing assistance to users 24/7.

Providing passive as well as active alerts to make sure that users are safe, owning an Oysta solution requires no chunky outlays; simply pay on a pay per user basis.

Tailored For You

Over 60 settings allow Oysta to create a bespoke service to support the specific needs of an individual.

For corporate partners, Oysta can integrate with current systems through open AIPs.

A Trusted Partner