Happy 13th Birthday to us!

Celebrating our 13th birthday today, we are having some fun looking back on how as a business, Oysta has grown and matured over the past thirteen years…whilst still celebrating that little streak of rebelliousness in us, that all new teenagers still have!

At 13 years old, Oysta Technology has never been in a better place. Leading the way in the development of mobile telecare solutions for vulnerable independent people (VIPs), we have seen the tangible benefits that our technology has provided to the people that matter – the VIPs.

From day one, our passion and commitment to supporting safer independence has been the driving force for everything that we do. Now, thirteen years later, this hasn’t diminished, in fact it has become stronger as our team has expanded and our customer based has increased to cover Europe,  Asia Pacific region with offices in the UK and Spain.

More determined that ever to make a positive change for vulnerable people in the home and the work setting, Oysta Technology has pushed forward by developing more innovative, award-winning  telecare and lone-worker solutions, all supported by our own and exclusive IntelliCare care platform.

Connecting people and bringing care providers and statutory organisations together to form Care Networks for our VIPs, our telecare solutions are making a positive impact in the social care sector. Enabling preventative and person-centred care and support to be provided with a VIPs own home, we are contributing to moving the boundaries of what ‘care’ looks like now and in the future.

We invite you to raise a glass (or a cuppa) with us today to wish us a happy birthday and to toast 13 more years of hard work, achievement, and the odd “Mario” teenage tantrum in order to improve the care of our most vulnerable and to provide a service we would all want.