Christmas wishes & New Year hopes from Oysta

As we wind down for a well-deserved break over Christmas, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and a much brighter 2021.

This year has been a tough one for many of our colleagues across a wide variety of sectors. I have personally been supporting and helping a certain group of complex needs VIPs, understanding their issues and how we can help in the future.

We are all individual and we all have different needs and I think that only by spending time (rather than focusing on profit vs investment), will we ever be able to deliver the right services that really help and give dignity to each person we work with. It has been 3 months of intensive learning – a real eye opener.

It has been an incredibly busy time for the telecare sector and looking back, I am proud at the work that we have all done and continue to do as an industry, to take care of our most vulnerable. Of that we should be proud. However, it’s vital that as an industry, we continue to improve. We have the opportunity and the ability to become world leaders when it comes to providing joined up, quality support to our VIPs.

Ensuring that we can deliver better services to the Telecare industry and care sector (and don’t forget our social care teams are all under pressure) is the job of companies like Oysta. Together we can help and support the care circle to deliver better outcomes. It’s our job as an industry, to get on with it, make the changes and stop the poor decision making that is happening.

Oysta is looking forwards to the opportunities and challenges that the New Year will bring. Our aim will be to further develop system and services in partnership with our clients BUT never forgetting the individual VIPs.

We hope to be connecting with and working with you all more in 2021. We like to keep in touch, so if you would like to receive the occasional email with news from Oysta, please click here.

Finally, I am pleased to report that the elves at Oysta have haven’t forgotten to send you a bit of Christmas cheer despite it all….

Enjoy your time off and let’s catch up again soon in 2021.

Best Wishes

Mario & the team at Oysta

Xmas wishes from the Elves at Oysta