About Oysta

What makes Oysta the best choice?


Designed for you!

We love working with our customers and service users. Everything we do is to make their lives safer and simpler.

Proven by Customers

Our services save lives. Every day, thousands of people rely on us to protect their relatives, their customers, their employees and their assets.

Reliable and Effective

Where the safety of individuals is concerned it’s crucial to find a partner who can and will ensure that everything just works. When you buy an Oysta solution you know it meets the highest standards.

Easy to deploy

We set up every Oysta service ourselves so you have nothing to worry about. Everything works out of the box.

Excellent support

We invest in our customer services so that there’s always someone to talk to. No automated responses. No hold music.

Fully managed service

Our experts take care of everything. Our fully managed service means exactly that – we do it all.


Lives Protected

…and counting

Locating you & helping you wherever you may be

Thanks to the utilisation of digital and GPS technology, people choose Oysta solutions because they will locate and put the VIP in touch with our friendly care team wherever they may be.

With Oysta, VIPs are no longer restricted to the vicinity of the home (as with more traditional devices). Oysta enables freedom, giving the VIP the ability to live their life as they wish.

As lines of communication are constantly open, the VIP will never have to worry about being alone, or not having help should it be required. Oysta solutions support safer independence.

Reliable care delivered by our expert Care Team

Providing a choice of devices and a whole suite of support services, you will always find a solution that fits specific need.

Every device has an emergency button that connects straight to the Oysta care team or family responder. Help is always immediately on hand. Plus our unique ‘fall detector’ will send automatic alerts to your chosen telecare advisor or family member, who can then contact the VIP to ensure all is well, taking action if there is a problem.

People choose Oysta because our solutions and devices are proven to provide the exceptional level of reliable care that people demand for their loved ones.