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Client Zone

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Need help with your Oysta service?

Listed below are some frequently-asked-questions (FAQs). Simply click the text to find out more.

Device location cannot be found

satellite fixMove to a place where it has satellite coverage, e.g. Outdoors, clear line of sight. Make sure the satellite symbol is on the screen

Unable to charge device

battery levelCheck the charger is inserted the right way up and connected correctly. The screen will indicate the battery levels.

SIM card error

GPRSRemove SIM card, blow on it to remove any dust and carefully re-insert. Switch device on. Contact your service provider if the problem persists.

Cannot turn on Device

icon_lightEnsure the device is charged. Press the Power side-button for 3 seconds for the Oysta to switch on and the screen or LEDs will light up.

No mobile network

If you have no network or the screen displays “Emergency”, move to a place with a better signal. If no signal appears, switch device off and on. Contact your service provider if the problem persists.

Unable to make a call

LockEnsure that the keypad is not locked. Press the Power side-button once to unlock the keypad. A Menu icon shall appear on the screen and the speed-dials will operate.

If you still need more help, just give us a call on

01295 530101

or email


Want to learn more about Oysta’s products and services?

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